DERMAQUAL Company Profile

DERMAQUAL is an Aesthetic Cosmetic laboratory based in Paris. The company is one of the leading suppliers of cosmetics in Europe. The company began in 2003, as an Aesthetic Cosmetic laboratory for manufacturing and supplying mesotherapy cocktails. It's common products that have hit the European market are the slimming whitening and rejuvenation cocktails. Ever since, the company has witnessed a dynamic expansion in terms of its market and sales of the products, fooling from Paris to the rest of Europe. The brand DERMAQUAL is not a new term in Europe, as most people who use cosmetics are aware of the unique products under this brand. The establishment of mesotherapy cocktails and aesthetic cosmetics is a process that requires a keen scientific approach. Coming up with a product that does not have negative impacts on the users requires intensive scientific research and multiple laboratory studies.


Company has ensured these measures are put in consideration by employing highly skilled and competent laboratory engineers who manufacture the products in the aesthetic process. Upon the manufacture of the cosmetics, DERMAQUAL company engineers undertake laboratory tests to ensure that the product is ethical and fit for human use. Samples of all the products manufactured by DERMAQUAL Company are taken for the quality standard check before distributed to the market. The quality checkups involve the product components, its authenticity and potential side effects to the users.

The newly developed products are not however taken directly to the market for customer consumption, they first administered for free or compromised cost to multiple and varied users for a pilot test. The laboratory department is not the only quality checking body for our product. The company management has also ensured that the product meets the legal regulatory in the aesthetic field. In order to meet this, the company management has ensured that our product conforms the regulation of European Union to a high standard of manufacturing control for safety.

DERMAQUAL has a department of marketing that has highly skilled and equipped personnel. The marketing department works hand in hand with the Laboratory and production sector to ensure that the product gets the largest market share in the field of aesthetic. The marketing team has embarked in various methods of marketing such as promotion, advertisements, and E-marketing. This has helped our brand to secure the largest market share in the field of Aesthetic, with the market segment cutting across the European nations. The engagement in online marketing is to ensure that the DERMAQUAL Company meets its goal of establishing a global market for their products. The company is unique in production. DERMAQUAL majors on skin aging therapy, whitening therapy, and rejuvenation therapy. These are the major products required in the field of Aesthetic and Cosmetic. The company has over years come up with great products. The skin aging therapy is used to reverse the aging process of the skin, making the user still look young.

The aspect of innovation has been the steering wheel of the company. The laboratory engineers through innovation have been able to come up with new products and modify the old products to cope with the changing nature of the aesthetic field. The latest 2016 invention of new Epidermal Growth Factor Genesis was a breakthrough for the company. This invention helped the company to manufacture one product of their kind, unique solution that has never been made by any other cosmetic producer before. This is the product for reversing the aging process. The company is also in the process of coming up with more new aesthetic cosmetic brands for its customers.

Currently the company operates in three delegated offices in Spain, UAE, Poland and the main office in France.

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