GOLDFILL® Volume is the latest development of Provida Paris, used to correct wider-spread skin imperfections that affect large volumes and the body. GOLDFILL® Volume is an innovative formula of cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel that grants the utmost body volume restoration. Due to hyaluronic acid’s highly anionic properties, it encourages an immediate process in attracting water molecules, which leads to the tissue expansion, creates volume, and provides a stronger support system within the skin structure. Filler ideally allocates in the tissues, regenerates the skin’s underlying architecture by increasing moisture, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.


The action mechanism of GOLDFILL® Volume consists in increasing the volume of the dermal-epidermal tissue based on the natural ability of the hydrophilic molecules of hyaluronic acid to bind with a much greater quantity of water than their weight. This fills the intradermal spaces and integrates the intercellular matrix, making the tissues firm. The cross-linking agent of the hyaluronic acid makes the filling effect more stable and provides long-lasting results. GOLDFILL® Volume is a sterile, injectable, non-pyrogenic, physiological resorbable medical device made with cross-linked hyaluronic acid derived from bacterial fermentation. GOLDFILL® Volume is in the form of a homogeneous, transparent, colorless gel contained in a pre-filled, single-use, sterile syringe with Luer-lock fitting, used for restoring volume and re-modeling.


GOLDFILL® Volumehas a low percentage of product migration and creates immediate, long-lasting volume and satisfactory results. Based on the following data and experience the volume effect is maintained up to 18 months before the dissolution process begins.

The benefits of the high viscosity of GOLDFILL® Volume Filler include:

• Remains in the place it is injected and will not spread or splay into the surrounding tissue
• Enables the injector to visualize the final result immediately after injection