Dermaqual has developed and launched one of the world’s first Antigen Test for the diagnosis of coronavirus infection. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus that can spread from person to person. Also, the symptoms can range from mild (or no symp-toms) to severe illness.

Dermaqual COVID-19 Antigen test is used for in vitro qualitative detection of the antigen of novel Coronavirus in human throat swabs or nasal swabs. It uses advanced lateral flow technology in a sandwich design for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein from SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit, provides objective results in 15 minutes, allowing for testing of patients suspected of COVID-19 in near-patient testing environments. Based on the current epidemiological investigation, the incubation period is 1 to 14 days, mostly 3 to 7 days.

Note: This test is not yet available for personal or self-test use..

Features & Benefits

Dermaqual Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19 is used to qualitative detection of the antigen of novel Coronavirus in human throat swabs or nasal swabs. ..

  • Accurate Results (Result Shown In 15min)
  • Short Turn around time compared to all current test
  • Inexpensive Cost
  • No Equipment is required
  • Simple Operation make antigen test suitable for Point-of-care (POC) setting usage
  • Early Detection of Covid-19 Virus

Dermaqual COVID-19 Antigen Kit Include:-

  • Sterilized Test Device (25pcs Cassette)
  • 380ul Solution Buffer (25pcs)
  • Extraction Tubes with Integrated dispensing tip (25pcs)
  • Nylon flocked nasopharyngeal swabs (25pcs)
  • Instructions For Use

Steps for Single Test

  • Have patient tilt head back to an approximate 70° angle.
  • Insert the swab into the nasal cavity where there is the most secretion, gently spin and push the swab forward until blocked by the turbinate (about 2.0cm-2.5cm from the nostril).
  • Rotate swab and rub the swab on the cavity wall 3 times before taking it out.
  • Add all of one single buffer (380ul) into single use extraction tube
  • Insert the specimen collection swab into the extraction tube which contains 380ul of the buffer and rotate the swab constantly. Repeat 10 times
  • Squeeze the swab on the tube wall so that the liquid is extruded continuously. Take out the sample and discard the swab according to the treatment of infected items
  • Cover the extraction tube with its dispensing tip. Remove the test kit from the sealed foil pouch. Add 2 drops of the treated sample vertically into the sample well of the test kit.
  • Wait 15 minutes to interpret and record the test result. The Result is invalid after 20 minutes.

Product Comparison

Dermaqual Antigen Rapid Test for COVID-19 meet the detection needs in early stage disease prevention, control and monitoring. Our kits provide a high-quality, multi-dimensional and cost-effective solution for disease-control departments and medical institutions.

For best results, use a combination of the Dermaqual COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Test to test for the detection of antibodies in human serum, plasma, or whole blood along with the COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit (LFIA) for the detection of active infection. By combining the results of both a rapid COVID Antigen and a rapid COVID Antibody test, it will give both the patient and healthcare provider the most accurate understanding of the patient’s health.

Moreover, our Test Kit can be used to screen carriers of the virus regardless of whether they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Its ease of use and rapid results make it suitable for use by businesses, schools, airports, seaports and train stations, in addition to hospitals, clinics and test laboratories.

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