Revolutionize surgical procedures with the Forza Laser – a dual-diode marvel (1470nm and 980nm) that combines potent ablation and coagulation options. Say goodbye to anesthesia, pain, and downtime!

The Forza Laser, living up to its Italian name meaning strength, embodies precision and versatility with its dual-mode feature. Ideal for fat melting, collagen production, sculpting, and skin retraction, it replaces outdated, invasive methods. Fast, powerful, and minimally invasive – Forza Laser ensures swift recovery, unparalleled comfort, and patient satisfaction.


Welcome to the pinnacle of aesthetic innovation – the Forza Laser, a marvel that transcends the boundaries of conventional practices. In a realm where precision meets prowess, Forza isn’t just a name; it’s a commitment to strength and swift transformative results practitioners and patients both strive for.

This groundbreaking diode laser, with its novel dual-mode feature, unleashes two distinct wavelengths (1470nm and 980nm) through a singular optical micro-fiber. Tailored for melting fat, increasing collagen production, and sculpting both face and body, the Forza Laser heralds a new era in aesthetic procedures.

Before the advent of Forza, aesthetic aspirations were tethered to antiquated methodologies – prolonged recovery times, discomfort, and invasive procedures were the norm. Enter the Forza Laser, an avant-garde tool that redefines the landscape of aesthetic interventions. This minimally invasive device not only expedites procedures but also delivers robust results, leaving behind the shackles of old, dated practices.

Join us in embracing the Forza Laser – where technology meets revolution, and results unfold with the speed of strength. It’s not just a device; it’s your passport to a future where aesthetics is defined by excellence and propelled by innovation.

Empowered by Optimal wavelength FORZA LASER
is a unique solid state laser system


FORZA LASER pulsating laser beam has a photo-mechanical effect rupturing the fat cells’ membrane. This advanced laser technique destroys]} the fat membrane itself due to the effect of the laser, which is specific. The FORZA LASER has selective wavelength options of 980nm, and 1470nm, with CW, single pulse, and pulsed mode, for fatty tissue and by producing a thermal and mechanical effect that will provoke the rupturing of the membrane adipose cells and transform them into an oily emulsion allowing it to be absorbed and eliminated by the body.


Unlike continual emission lasers or those with different pulse shapes, FORZA LASER does not damage the surrounding tissues or the lymphatic system which, by correctly draining the liquids and removing the dissolved fat, also reduces the risk of forming seromas. FORZA LASER lipolysis uses the thermal properties providing heat absorption that is approximately 40-fold higher in fat and 70-fold higher in water, respectively, compared to other diode lasers.


Step into a world where beauty meets precision – welcome to Forza Laser, where the art of transformation is as gentle as it is groundbreaking. Let’s unravel the magic of Forza Laser’s photothermal effects, operating at 1470nm and 980nm wavelengths, a symphony within the absorption spectra of fat, water, and chromophores.

1. A small cannula containing a laser fiber is inserted into the skin. The cannula is moved back and forth delivering the laser’s energy directly to the fat cells, causing them to rupture and easily drain away.

2. Fat is melted upon contact with laser heat (thermal effect) which melts the fractured fat cells and coagulates small blood vessels which reduce the bleeding to minimum.

3.  A The laser energy also interacts with the dermis, resulting in collagen shrinkage. Both effects together (Photo-dynamic and Thermal) will give the skin tightening results.


With the help of the laser procedure, subcutaneous fat deposits can be selectively melted away, while cutaneous and subcutaneous connective tissue structures can be simultaneously tightened due to the thermic effect. It also coagulates small vessels, reducing the incidence of bleeding during procedure.


Indulge in the elegance of the Forza technique, where collagen contraction paves the way for dermal remodeling and a graceful reduction in skin laxity. This isn’t just about the surface; it’s about comprehensive skin remodeling, toning, and firming that touches the very essence of beauty.


Forza Laser’s dual-wavelength dance within the absorption spectra initiates a transformative journey. Simultaneously, these wavelengths stimulate a slow, progressive tissue contraction in the deep dermis, crafting a masterpiece of reduced skin laxity intertwined with the liquefaction of excess fat.




Versatile and universal

Suitable for both hospital settings and private outpatient clinics

Short treatment time and reduced operator fatigue

Maximum patient safety-with optimal power density lasing and local anesthesia

Compact, Portable, neatly-organized unit

Ultra-quiet operation

Fully-equipped lipolysis kit

Multiple Treatment options, Short treatment times, and cost effective


FORZA LASER Lipolysis Comparison
Before and After Use


  • A Dramatic Improvement In The Appearance Of Unwanted Fat.
  • Improved Skin Tightening.
  • A Swift Recovery, With Most Patients Returning To Work The Very Next Day.


1. Lipolysis

Delve into the art of lipolysis as Forza Laser’s photothermal embrace heats fat cells, changing the sodium-potassium balance and allowing extracellular fluid transport. Adipocyte volume increases, leading to membrane rupture, intracellular lipase release, and the magic of fat liquefaction. The heating extends to fibrous septa and reticular dermis, inducing tissue thinning for an enhanced aesthetic outcome. Tailored treatments include double chin reduction, localized fat in the abdomen, flank, arms, knees, calves, jowl fat, lower eye bags, and specific conditions like skin laxity post-surgery, sequelae after liposuction, gynecomastia, and saddlebags.

2. Tissue Remodeling and Skin Tightening:

At 980nm, Forza focuses on collagen and elastin fibers in the deep dermis, promoting collagen production and retraction. Revel in the results – improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, and a renewed texture that whispers of rejuvenation.

3. Vascular Treatment:

Forza answers the call for vascular concerns, whether it’s Telangiectasia, Reticular veins, or Rosacea, providing a soothing solution for a holistic approach to skin health.

4. Miscellaneous Marvels:

Witness Forza Laser’s versatility in addressing Onychomycosis and wart treatments, adding a touch of finesse to your beauty regimen.


The magic doesn’t end with the procedure; it’s just the beginning. Immediate results grace you, and over the next 90 days, experience a progressive tightening of the skin at all treated sites. Trust in the safety of Forza Laser, a harmony attributed to both the characteristics of the device and the meticulous surgical technique.

Step into the world of Forza Laser – where beauty is an art, and you’re the masterpiece in the making. Experience the gentle transformation, where minimal discomfort meets rapid recovery, making every moment of rejuvenation as delightful as it is effective.